European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Law on Financing Political Activities, 2011, amended 2014 (Serbian)pdf
Law on Public Service Broadcasting, 2014, amended 2016 (Serbian)pdf
Law on the Elections of Members of Parliament, 2000, amended 2011 (English)pdf
Criminal Code, 2005, amended 2014 (English)pdf

Financial Disclosure

Law on Prevention of Corruption of 2019_SER (Serbian)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Constitution of the Republic of Serbia of 2006 (Serbian)pdf
Presidential Act (Serbian)pdf
Law on Prevention of Corruption of 2019 (Serbian)pdf
Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament of 2020 (Serbian)pdf
Law on the National Assembly of 2010 (Serbian)pdf
Law on Civil Servants of 2005 (Serbian)pdf
Code of Conduct for Civil Servants of 2008 (Serbian)pdf
Ordinance on Gifts of Public Officials of 2020 (Serbian)pdf
Law on Employees in the Public Service of 2017 (Serbian)pdf

Freedom of Information

Constitution of the Republic of Serbia of 2006_SER (Serbian)pdf
Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance of 2004_SER (Serbian)pdf
Law on Government of 2005_SER (Serbian)pdf
Law on Secrecy of Data of 2009_SER (Serbian)pdf
Law on the Protection of Personal Data of 2018_SER (Serbian)pdf
Law on General Administrative Procedure of 2016_SER (Serbian)pdf

Public Procurement

Decision No. 85 of 2020-36 (Serbian)pdf
Law No. 91 of 2019-3 on Public Procurement (Serbian)pdf
Ordinance No. 93 of 2020-273 on determining the content of standard forms for publishing public procurement notices through the Public Procurement Portal (Serbian)pdf
Ordinances No. 17 of 2020-34, and No. 94 of 2020-4 on the content of the Register of Bidders (Serbian)pdf
Regulation No. 93 of 2020-1 on Public Procurement in the Field of Defense and Security (Serbian)pdf
Regulation No. 93 of 2020-18 on Dinar value of European thresholds (Serbian)pdf
Rulebook No. 93 of 2020-195 on the content of tender documentation in public procurement procedures (Serbian)pdf
Rulebook No. 93 of 2020-368 on the bid opening procedure (Serbian)pdf
Rulebook No. 93 of 2020-369 on monitoring the application of public procurement regulations (Serbian)pdf