European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Law No. 334/2006 on the Financing of the Activity of Political Parties and Electoral Campaigns,​ amended 2015 (Romanian)pdf
Law No. 208/2015 Regulations on the Elections to the Chamber of Members of Parliament and the Senate (Romanian)pdf
Law No. 176/2010 on integrity in exercising public offices and dignities, 2010, amended 2014 (Romanian)pdf
Criminal Code, 2009, amended 2015 (Romanian)pdf

Financial Disclosure

Criminal Code, 2009, amended 2016 (Romanian)pdf
Law 176 on Integrity and Transparency Obligations of Public Officials, 2010, amended 2014 (Romanian)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Anti-Corruption Law, 2000 (English)pdf
Law 176 on Integrity and Transparency Obligations of Public Officials, 2010 (English)pdf
Transparency Law, 2003, amended 2016 (Romanian)pdf

Freedom of Information

Constitution of Romania, 1991, amended 2003 (English)pdf
Law No. 544 regarding the free access to information of public interest, 2001, amended 2016 (Romanian)pdf
Law No. 52 on Transparency in the Decision-Making Process, 2003, amended 2013 (Romanian)pdf
Rules of the Senate 2005, amended 2016 (Romanian)pdf
Decision of the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies for the approval of some measures for the enforcement of the provisions of Law No 544/2001, 2003 (English)pdf
Methodological Rules of Putting into Force Law No. 544 on Free Access to Information of Public interest, 2002, amended 2016 (Romanian)pdf
Law No. 182 on the protection of classified information, 2002, amended 2015 (Romanian)pdf
Law No. 677 for the Protection of Persons concerning the Processing of Personal Data and Free Circulation of Such Data, 2001, amended 2007 (English)pdf
Law 51 on National Security, 1991 (English)pdf

Public Procurement

Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34 of 2006 (Romanian)pdf
Government Emergency Ordinance no. 76 of 30 June 2010 (Romanian)pdf
Law no. 193/2013 (Romanian)pdf
Government Decision 395/2016 on Methodological Norms (Romanian)pdf
Law 101/2016 on remedies (Romanian)pdf
Law 98/2016 on public procurement (Romanian)pdf
Law 99/2016 on public procurement (utilities) (Romanian)pdf