European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Foreign Interference Act 1982 (English)pdf
EPRA (2000) Political Communication on Television Matters for debate (English)pdf
Income Tax Act, 1949, amended 2016 (English)pdf
General Elections Law, No.​ 354, 1991, amended 2015 (English)pdf

Financial Disclosure

Standards in Public Life Act of 2018_ENG (English)pdf
Public Administration Act No. III of 2019_ENG (English)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Constitution of Malta of 1964 (English )pdf
Standards in Public Life Act of 2018 (English )pdf
Act No. III Replacing the Public Administrative Act of 2019 (English )pdf

Freedom of Information

Constitution of Malta of 1964_ENG (English)pdf
Freedom of Information Act of 2008_ENG (English)pdf
Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2014_ENG (English)pdf
Official Secrets Act of 1923_ENG (English)pdf
Code of Practice for Public authorities of 2010_ENG (English)pdf
Data Protection Act of 2018_ENG (English)pdf
Criminal Code of 1857_ENG (English)pdf
Legal Notice No. 158 of 2010_ENG (English)pdf
Legal Notice No. 159 of 2010_ENG (English)pdf

Public Procurement

Public Procurement of Contracting Authorities or Entities in the Fields of Defence and Security Regulations of 2011 (English)pdf
Public Procurement of Entities Operating in the Water, Energy, Transport and Postal Services Sectors Regulations of 2016 (English)pdf
Public Procurement Regulations of 2016 (English)pdf