European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Law 3023 on State Financing of Political Parties, 2002, amended 2014 (Greek)pdf
Constitution, 1975, amended 2008 (English)pdf

Financial Disclosure

Law No. 3213 of 2003_GRE (Greek)pdf
Law No. 3528 of 2007_GRE (Greek)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Constitution of Greece (Greek)pdf
Code of Conduct of Members of the Hellenic Parliament (Greek)pdf
Standing Orders of the Hellenic Parliament (Greek)pdf
Law No. 3528 of 2007, establishing the Code of Status of Public Civil Servants (Greek)pdf
Law No. 3859 of 2010, with the Amendment of Law 3213/2003 (Greek)pdf
Law No. 2843 of 2000 (Greek)pdf

Freedom of Information

Constitution of Greece of 1974_GRE (Greek)pdf
Code of Administrative Procedure of 1999_GRE (Greek)pdf
Law No. 3448 on further use of information of the public sector of 2006_GRE (Greek)pdf
Law No. 4624 of 2019_GRE (Greek)pdf

Public Procurement

Law No. 4013/2011, Establishing a Single Public Procurement Independent Authority and of a Central Electronic Public Procurement Registry (Greek)pdf
Law No. 4155/2013, National System of Electronic Public Procurement and other provisions (Greek)pdf
Law No. 4281/2014 (Greek)pdf
Law No. 4412/2016 on Public Works, Procurement and Services - Public Procurement Law (English)pdf