European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Law no. 88-227, of March 11, 1988 on financial transparency in political life (1988, consolidated version as of 31 December 2016) (French)pdf
Electoral Code, 1964, amended 2016 (French)pdf
Criminal Code, amended 2016 (French)pdf

Financial Disclosure

Penal Code_FRA (French)pdf
Electoral Code_FRA (French)pdf
Law No. 62-1292 of 1962_FRA (French)pdf
Law on Transparency in Public Life of 2013_FRA (French)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Constitution of the Republic of France of 1958 (French)pdf
Penal Code (French)pdf
Electoral Code (French)pdf
Law on transparency in public life of 2013 (French)pdf
Law on the rights and obligations of civil servants ("Le Pors Law") of 1983 (French)pdf
Decree relating to ethical controls in the civil service of 2020 (French)pdf
Order on the functioning of parliamentary assemblies of 1958 (French)pdf
Decree on the attributions of ministers of 1959 (French)pdf
Law on confidence in political life of 2017 (French)pdf

Freedom of Information

Constitution of the Republic of France of 1958_FRA (French)pdf
Code of relations between the public and the administration_FRA (French)pdf
Law No. 58-1100 on the functioning of parliamentary assemblies_FRA (French)pdf
Law No. 2000-321 on the rights of citizens in their relations with the administration_FRA (French)pdf
Civil Code_FRA (French)pdf
Organic Law No. 2001-692 relating to Finance Laws_FRA (French)pdf
Law No. 78-17 relating to data, files and liberties_FRA (French)pdf
Penal Code_FRA (French)pdf

Public Procurement

Code of Administrative Justice (French)pdf
Code of Public Procurement of 2018 (French)pdf
Law No. 77-1468 of 1977 (French)pdf