European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Grants to Political Parties Law No. 1291 of 8 December 2006 (English)pdf
Radio and Television Broadcasting Law No. 477 of 06 May 2010 (English)pdf
Criminal Code (2005, as amended in 2015) (English)pdf
Private Contribution to Political Parties and Publication of the Accounts of Political Parties 2006 (Danish)pdf

Financial Disclosure

Rules regarding the registration of the occupations and financial interests of 1994_DAN (Danish)pdf
Law on Civil Servants of 2010_DAN (Danish)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Constitution of the Kingdom of Denmark of 1953 (Danish)pdf
Law on Civil Servants of 2017 (Danish)pdf
Public Administration Act of 2014 (Danish)pdf

Freedom of Information

Constitution of the Kingdom of Denmark of 1953_DAN (Danish)pdf
Data Protection Act of 2018_DAN (Danish)pdf
Public Administration Act of 2014_DAN (Danish)pdf
Public Access to Information Act of 2013_DAN (Danish)pdf
Act on the State's Accounting System of 1984_DAN (Danish)pdf
Penal Code of 2020_DAN (Danish)pdf
Auditor General Act on Audit of State Accounts of 1997_DAN (Danish)pdf

Public Procurement

Executive Order No 892 of 2011 (Danish)pdf
Executive Order No. 1624 of 2015 (Danish)pdf
Executive Order No. 593 of 2016 (Danish)pdf
Executive Order No. 887 of 2011 (Danish)pdf
Law No. 1410 of 2007 (Danish)pdf
Law No. 1564 of 2015, The Public Procurement Act (Danish)pdf