European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Law 424/1991 on Association within Political Political Parties and Political Movements, 1991, amended 2016 (Czech)pdf
Law 247/1995 on elections to the Parliament of the Czech Republic, 1995, amended 2016 (Czech)pdf
Penal Code, 2009, amended 2016 (Czech)pdf
Law on presidential elections (2012) (Czech)pdf

Financial Disclosure

Conflict of Interest Act of 2006_CZE (Czech)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Constitution of the Czech Republic of 1993 (Czech)pdf
Conflict of Interest Act No. 159 of 2006 (Czech)pdf
Civil Service Act No. 234 of 2014 (Czech)pdf
Code of Ethics for Public Administration Officials and Employees of 2012 (Czech)PDF

Freedom of Information

Constitution of the Czech Republic of 1993_CZE.pdf (Czech)pdf
Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of 1993_CZE (Czech)pdf
Act No. 106 on Freedom of Information of 1999_CZE (Czech)pdf
Act No. 309 on the Collection of Laws and International Treaties of 1999_CZE (Czech)pdf
Act No. 412 on the Protection of Classified Information of 2005_CZE (Czech)pdf
Decree No. 515 on the Structure of Information Published of 2020_CZE (Czech)pdf
Act No. 110 on Personal Data Processing of 2019_CZE (Czech)pdf

Public Procurement

Decree No. 168 of 2016 (Czech)pdf
Decree No. 170 of 2016 (Czech)pdf
Government Regulation No. 172 of 2016 (Czech)pdf
Public Procurement Act No. 134 of 2016 (Czech)pdf