European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Federal Direct Tax Act of 14 December 1990, amended 2014 (French)pdf
Criminal Code, 1937, amended 2014missing file:

Financial Disclosure

Parliament Law, 2002, amended 2015 (German)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Incompatibilities Act, 2006, amended 2010 (French)pdf
Law on Civil Servants, 1927, amended 2001 (German)pdf
Law on Government and the Civil Service, 1997, amended 2015 (German)pdf
Parliament Law, 2002, amended 2015 (German)pdf

Freedom of Information

Public Procurement

Verordnung über das öffentliche Beschaffungswesen (VöB), 1995, amended 2015 missing file:
Bundesgesetz über das öffentliche Beschaffungswesen (BöB), 1994, amended 2015 missing file:
Interkantonalen Vereinbarung über das öffentlichene Beschaffungswesen 2001 (IVöB)missing file:
Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA)missing file: