European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Political Parties Act (ZPoIS), 1994, amended 2014missing file:
Elections and Referenda Campaign Act (ZVRK), 2007, amended 2013missing file:
Criminal code 2008missing file:

Financial Disclosure

Integrity of Prevention of Corruption Act, 2010, amended 2011 (English)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Civil Servants Act (2002) (English)pdf
Constitution (2000, amended in 2006) (English)pdf
Deputies Act, 2005 (Slovenian)pdf
Integrity of Prevention of Corruption Act, 2010, amended 2011 (English)pdf
Regulation of constraints and obligations of civil servants regarding the acceptance of gifts (2003) (English)pdf

Freedom of Information

Constitution of Slovenia, 1991 (English)pdf
Access to Public Information Act, 2003, amended 2015 (English)pdf
Decree on the Provision of Public Information, 2005, amended 2011 (Slovenian)pdf
General Administrative Procedure Act, 1999, amended 2006 (Slovenian)pdf
Personal Data Protection Act, 2004, amended 2007 (English)pdf
Classified Information Act, 2001, amended 2006 (Slovenian)pdf
Information Commissioner Act, 2005 (English)pdf

Public Procurement

Public Procurement Act, 2006, amended 2014 (Slovenian)pdf
Public Procurement in the Water, Energy, Transport, and Postal Services Act, 2006, amended 2014 (Slovenian)pdf
Act on Legal Protection in Public Procurement Procedures, 2011, amended 2013 (Slovenian)pdf
Rules of procedure of the National Review Commission