European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Law on Financing Political Activities, 2011, amended 2014 (Serbian)pdf
Law on Public Service Broadcasting, 2014 (English)pdf
Law on the Elections of Members of Parliament, 2000, amended 2011 (English)pdf
Criminal Code, 2005, amended 2014missing file:

Financial Disclosure

Anti-Corruption Agency Act, 2008, amended 2015 (Serbian)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Anti-Corruption Agency Act, 2008, amended 2015 (Serbian)pdf
Civil Servants Code of Conduct, 2008 (English)pdf
Constitution, 2006 (English)pdf
Law on Public Servants, 2005, amended 2014 (English)pdf

Freedom of Information

Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, 2006 (English)pdf
Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance, 2004, amended 2010 (Serbian)pdf
Law on Government, 2005 (English)pdf
Law on Secrecy of Data, 2009 (English)pdf
Law on the Protection of Personal Data, 2008, amended 2012 (English)pdf
Law on General Administrative Procedure, 2001 (Serbian)pdf

Public Procurement

Public Procurement Law (2012) (English)pdf