European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Law on Financing of Political Parties and Election Campaigns, 2003, amended 2015 (Portuguese)pdf
Electoral Law, 1979, amended 2015 (Portuguese)pdf
Organic Law No.​ 3/​2006 (Portuguese)pdf
Penal Code, 1982, amended 2015missing file:

Financial Disclosure

Decree n. 1/2000 , Regulates Law Control of Public Wealth of Political Office Bearers, 2000 (English)pdf
Public Oversight of Political Posts, 1983, amended 2010 (Portuguese)pdf
Statute for Deputies, 1993, amended 2009 (Portugese)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Constitution, 1976 amended 2005 (English)pdf
Law establishing the Code of Administrative Procedure, 2015 (Portugese)pdf
General law on public functions, 2014, amended 2015 (Portugese)pdf
Statute for Deputies, 1993, amended 2009 (Portugese)pdf

Freedom of Information

Constitution of Portugal, 1976, amended 2005 (English)pdf
Law No. 46/2007 on access to and the re-use of administrative documents (English)pdf
Budget Framework Law No. 52/2011 (Portuguese)pdf
Code of Criminal Procedure 1987 (English)pdf
Law 67/1998 on the Protection of Personal Data, 1998, amended 2015 (Portuguese)pdf
Legal diploma regulating the activity of the Commission for the Declassification of Diplomatic Records, 2004 (Portuguese)pdf

Public Procurement

Código dos Contractos Públicos, DL 18-2008, amended 2015missing file:
Defence Decreto-Lei n.ş 104/2011missing file: