European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Political Parties Act, 2005, amended 2015 (Norwegian)pdf
Income Tax Act, 1999, amended 2015missing file:

Financial Disclosure

Guidelines on quarantine and prohibition to work with specific areas when transferring to a new position outside the central government 2005 (Norwegian)pdf
Regulation on the Regulation on Register of Members of the Storting’s Appointments and Economic Interests, 2008, amended 2012 (English)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Civil Service Act no.3 of 1983, amended 2015 (Norwegian )pdf
Constitution 1814, amended 2014 (English)pdf
Ethical Guidelines for Members of the Storting 2013 (English)pdf
Ethical Guidelines for the Public Service 2005, amended 2006 (English )pdf
Public Administration Act, 1967, amended 2003 (English )pdf

Freedom of Information

Constitution of Norway, 1814 (English)pdf
Freedom of Information Act 2006, amended 2015 (Norwegian)pdf
Regulations to Freedom of Information Act (Government Regulations) No. 1119 2008, amended 2013 (Norwegian)pdf
Rules on the Right of Access to Parliamentary Documents 2009 (Norwegian)pdf
Act 53 of 19 March 1969 on the Norwegian Law Gazette (Norwegian)pdf
Public Administration Act, 1967, amended 2015 (Norwegian)pdf
Appropriation Regulations, 2005, amended 2015 (Norwegian)pdf
Act of 20 March 1998 No. 10 relating to Protective Security Services (the Security Act), amended 2015 (Norwegian)pdf
Act of 14 April 2000 No. 31 relating to the processing of personal data (Personal Data Act), amended 2015 (Norwegian)pdf
Dispute Act, 2005, amended 2015 (Norwegian)pdf
Enforcement Act 1992 (Norwegian)pdf

Public Procurement

Regulation of 7 April 2006 no. 402 on public procurement, amended 06/15/2014 DELETE THIS ONEmissing file: