European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Law 195/1974, modified by Art.9(28) of Law 96/2012 (Italian)pdf
Legislative Decree 149/2013 (Italian)pdf
Penal Code (Italian)pdf
Law 28/2000, amended 2012 (Italian)pdf
Law 96/2012, amended 2013 (Italian)pdf
Law 18 November 1981, n. 659, amended 2013missing file:

Financial Disclosure

Decree No 62, Code of Conduct for Government Employees, 2013 (Italian)pdf
Law No. 215 on Conflicts of Interest, 2004 (English)pdf
Law No. 441 on Financial Disclosure, 1982 (Italian)pdf
Law No. 724 Public Finance Rationalization, 1994 (Italian)pdf
Penal Code, 2007 amended 2014 (Italian)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Code of Conduct for employees of public administrations, 2000, amended 2013 (Italian)pdf
Constitution, 1947 amended 2012 (Italian)pdf
General rules on the employment by public authorities, 2001 amended 2002 (Italian )pdf
Law no. 190 on the Prevention and Supression of Corruption in Public Administration, 2012 (Italian)pdf
Law No. 215 on Conflicts of Interest, 2004 (English)pdf
Legislative Decree no. 39, 2013 (Italian)pdf

Freedom of Information

Law on the obligation of public administration to ensure the public availability and transparency of information (2013) (Italian)pdf
Rules of the Lower Chamber (amended in 2012) (Italian)pdf
Constitution of Italy (1947, amended in 2012) (English)pdf
Administrative Procedure Act No. 241 (1990, amended 2015) (Italian)pdf
Law 124/2007 on the Intelligence System for the Security of the Republic and new Provisions governing Secrecy (English)pdf
Code on Data Protection (2003, last amended 2015) (English)pdf
Decree Law n. 90 converted with amendments by Law n. 114, 2014 (Italian)pdf

Public Procurement

Legislative Decree No. 163 12 April 2006 at 31Dec2015missing file: