European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Guidelines for political parties on donations and prohibited donations, 2015 (English)pdf
Guidelines for Members of the Houses of the Oireachtas and Representatives in the European Parliament, 2015 (English)pdf
Electoral Act 1992 consolidated 2015 (English)pdf
Guidelines for Political Parties on Exchequer funding under the Electoral Acts, 2009 (English)pdf
Local Elections Regulations, 1995missing file:
European Parliament Elections Act, 1997 pdf
Guidelines for the general election , 2011missing file:

Financial Disclosure

Ethics in Public Office Act 1995, amended 2015 (English)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Civil Service Code of Standards and Behaviour, 2001, amended 2008 (English)pdf
Code of Conduct for Members of Dáil Eireann other than Office Holders, 2002 (English)pdf
Code of Conduct for Members of Seanad Éireann, 2002missing file:
Code of Conduct for Office Holders, 2001 (English)pdf
Constitution, 1937, amended 2015 (English)pdf
Ethics in Public Office Act, 1995, amended 2012 (English)pdf
Standards in Public Office Act, 2001 (English)pdf

Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Act 2014, amended 2015 (English)pdf
Constitution of Ireland, 1937 (English)pdf
Freedom of Information Model Publication Scheme Guidance Oct 2015 (English)pdf
Freedom of Information Act (Fees) (No. 2) Regulation 2014 (English)pdf
Official Secrets Act 1963 (English)pdf
Data Protection Act 1988, amended 2015 (English)pdf
Fines Act 2010, amended 2014 (English)pdf

Public Procurement

Department of Finance Circular 10/2014missing file:
Department of Finance Circular 10/2010 REMOVE FROM WEBSITE - OUTDATEDmissing file:
European Communities (Award of Contracts by Utility Undertakings) Regulations - SI No. 50 of 2007missing file:
European Communities (Award of Public Authorities' Contracts) Regulations - SI 329/2006missing file:
EU award of contracts relating to defence and security regulations - SI N62 of 2012missing file:
European Communities (Public Authorities' Contracts) (Review Procedures) Regulations - SI No. 130 of 2010missing file: