European Public Accountability Mechanisms

Political Financing

Act on the Finances of Political Organisations and Candidates and their Information Disclosure 2006, amended 2011 (English)pdf
Law No.‌ 90/‌2003 on Income Tax, amended 2009 (English)pdf
Act on Parlimentary Elections to the Althing, No.​ 24/​2000 (English)pdf
Penal Code, 1940, amended 2015 (English)pdf
Rules on the Financial Accounts of Political Parties, 2007 missing file:

Financial Disclosure

Disclosure Regulations for Members of Parliament and Senior Positions outside Parliament, 2011 pdf
Ministerial Code of Conduct, regulation 360/2011 (English)pdf

Conflict of Interest

Code of Conduct for Staff in the Government Offices of Iceland, 2012 (English)pdf
Constitution, 1944, amended 1999 (English)pdf
Ministerial Code of Conduct, regulation 360/2011 (English)pdf

Freedom of Information

Information Act No 140/2012, amended 2015 (Icelandic)pdf
Act on the Government of Iceland no. 115 2011, amended 2012 (Icelandic)pdf
Constitution No. 33/1944, amended 2013 (Icelandic)pdf
Government Financial Reporting Act No. 88/1997, amended 2011 (Icelandic)pdf
Protection of Privacy as regards the Processing of Personal Data, No. 77/2000, amended 2014 (Icelandic)pdf
Administrative Procedures Act No. 37/1993, amended 2012 (Icelandic)pdf

Public Procurement

Public Procurement Act No. 84 2007, amended 2013missing file: